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Walkthrough video's for games

Tubia.com offers walkthrough video’s to gaming publishers, for free. Many gamers seek out helpful tutorials and videos to help them when they get stuck in a game. We facilitate this and create helpful content that helps gamers beat their favorite web games! By embedding our video walkthroughs on your website, you can not only help your users beat a difficult part of a game, but also increase your revenue and user engagement.


Our video walkthroughs are helpful, high-quality, and use the best monetization algorithms. We help gaming publishers increase user engagement, time on site and revenue. We offer separate walkthrough video’s as well as a fully customizable walkthrough catalog.

Quality Walkthroughs

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  • Premium content
  • +40.000 video’s

High Revenues

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  • Increase site revenue by 40%
  • Highest eCPM’s in the market

Comprehensive Statistics

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  • Real time reporting
  • Report by game, country, website

Customizable Player

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  • Add your own branding & change colours
  • 5-minute setup process

Easy to implement

Tubia.com literally takes you 5 minutes to set up. You can do it yourself or ask our tech support team to help you out. To embed our video player in your website, just copy and paste the code you’ll receive from your dedicated account manager.

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About us

We help publishers improve user experience and generate revenue without any additional costs. Our core team, which provides you the best service possible, is based in The Netherlands. Want to talk to a local representative? We have teams in Germany, France, Belgium, Turkey and Israel.

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