Video Service

Unmatched Video Services

Elevating digital entertainment with exceptional solutions that captivate and engage. Experience the difference with our unparalleled video services and unlock the full potential of your content.


Experience the power of competitive ad placement with our Header Bidding service. We streamline real-time bidding, ensuring maximum value for every ad impression and enhancing your monetization potential.


Leverage the power of data with our comprehensive Data Management Platform. We equip you with advanced analytics and insights to understand your audience better and optimize your content and ad strategy accordingly.


Engage your audience with our customizable Video Player. Designed for seamless integration and optimal user experience, our video player supports a variety of formats and is optimized for all devices.


Maximize your ad effectiveness with our robust Ad Server. We deliver targeted ads to your audience at the right time, enhancing engagement, and optimizing your ad revenue.


Distribute your content effortlessly with our Online Video Platform. We provide hosting, encoding, and a suite of tools for a smooth and effective content distribution experience.


Benefit from our Global Sales Team's expertise. We have a dedicated team ready to assist you, driving ad sales and ensuring your content reaches the broadest possible audience for maximized revenue.

Revenue Intelligence

At Tubia, we turn raw data into actionable insights with our advanced Revenue Intelligence services. Our suite of tools and strategies is designed to optimize your digital earnings through a deep understanding of user behavior and ad performance.

Data Lake

Our Data Lake is a comprehensive repository of raw, detailed data, collected from various sources. This vast pool of information allows for in-depth analysis and the extraction of valuable insights that inform your monetization strategies.

Machine Learning

We leverage Machine Learning technology to analyze complex datasets, identify patterns, and predict future outcomes. This enables us to optimize ad selection and serving in real-time, boosting your revenue potential.

Human Intelligence

While technology is integral to our approach, the human element is equally essential. Our team of data analysts works alongside our machine learning models to interpret data, add context, and provide nuanced insights that machines alone cannot.

Ad Serving

Our advanced Ad Serving system ensures that the right ads reach the right audience at the right time. Powered by our data-driven insights, our ad serving maximizes engagement and conversion rates, driving your revenue upwards.

Ad Selection

Our Ad Selection process is finely tuned to choose the most effective ads for your specific audience. Using a combination of machine learning and human intelligence, we select ads that resonate with your users, enhancing engagement and maximizing ad revenue.